Guests of the restaurant will be allowed to choose their scantily clad waiter before ordering

By Kelli Bender
Updated June 01, 2015 03:35 PM

Nothing goes with comfort food quite like a side of short-shorts, at least according to the new Texas restaurant Tallywackers.

The eatery inspired by Hooters, which opened in Dallas on Saturday, features an all-male waitstaff dressed in tight bottoms and tiny tanks, reports CW33.

For 10 years, owner Rodney Duke contemplated why there wasn’t a male equivalent to Hooters, and he finally decided to create one.

Tallywackers describes itself as a “bar, restaurant and entertainment destination for everyone. There is eye-candy – for boys and girls – great food and a really good time.

Unlike Hooters, Tallywackers will give diners the opportunity to choose their waiter before sitting down to order.

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There are currently 24 men on the waitstaff, chosen from over 125 applicants. Duke plans to open another of his male eye-candy establishments in Houston in the near future.