Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's youngest daughter takes a Beverly Hills stroll with Lucas Vercetti

By People Staff
April 27, 2012 04:00 PM
X17 Online

Demi Moore is single, but she and Bruce Willis‘s youngest daughter Tallulah is apparently blooming in the romance department.

Willis, 18, stepped out on Thursday afternoon with Lucas Vercetti, the bleach blonde manager of the Odd Future pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

The duo showed some PDA while strolling arm-in-arm through Beverly Hills, with Willis at one point hiding behind her man and giggling when caught by paparazzi.

Vercetti, on the other hand, had no problem being recognized. Rocking a pair of old-school Vans and a T-shirt, he was photographed raising his hands in the air like he didn’t have a care. – Dahvi Shira