Willis may be Hawk's number one fan

By Naja Rayne
Updated December 11, 2015 11:00 PM
Credit: Instagram

Now that is dedication!

Tallulah Willis, 21, shared a racy Instagram photo on Friday revealing her new, bold tattoo of one famous skateboarding pro.

On Thursday, the youngest daughter of Demi Moore posted a bottom-baring photo of her new hip tattoo, which reads Tony Hawk, outing herself as his number one fan. Willis even tagged the athlete’s Instagram handle.

Hawk, 47, has not yet responded to the new ink.

While her word choice may be bold, Willis is no stranger to seemingly random tattoos. She has the word “rad” on the inside of her bicep, as well as the words “obviously magic” near her elbow.

Although it’s unclear if she got both tattoos the same day, the Willis shared both photos of her ink Thursday.

“obvi @seanfromtexas,” she captioned the photo of the two word phrase, giving credit to her tattoo artist