June 01, 2009 06:30 AM

Being worn out from the pressure of months’ worth of receiving the world’s attention is what led Susan Boyle to being hospitalized, says a Britain’s Got Talent judge.

Speaking about Boyle on Monday’s GMTV morning program in the U.K., Piers Morgan told the show’s Kate Garraway: “I spoke to her yesterday for about half an hour and she’s fine. She’s gone in for some rest. She needs to get away from everyone – get away from the show, from the media, the public, and just have a bit of down time to herself.”

Following her surprise defeat on Britain’s Got Talent Saturday after her smashing singing debut in April, Boyle, 48, reportedly was taken by ambulance and admitted to a private clinic in London Sunday for what was described as treatment of exhaustion.

“She had too long to wait between the audition show and the final, and the pressure just builds and builds and builds,” said Morgan. “It’s been crazy, she has gone from anonymity to being the most-downloaded woman in history.”

He called her hospitalization “entirely voluntary she wanted to do this. She talked to doctors – she’s been seeing doctors through the week whenever she’s wanting to because they’ve all been under huge pressure, these contestants. But nobody, and I stress this, has had to put up with the kind of attention that Susan has. And no one could have predicted it – so we entered uncharted territory.”

Praise from Prime Minister

He added, “I was happy when I spoke to her yesterday that she’s basically fine. She loved being on the show – this idea that she hated the show – she loved it. It’s been the dream for her to try and pursue her singing career.”

Meanwhile, also on GMTV, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown praised Saturday night’s Talent winner (over Boyle), the dance troup Diversity as “a great example of diversity in our country.” He also wished the runner-up well, saying, “I hope Susan Boyle is okay, because she is a really, really nice person, and I think she will do well.”

Diversity leader Ashley Banjo concurred, calling Boyle “such a nice lady The woman you see on stage – she’s probably even more gracious off stage. And I just wish her all the best.”

Reporting by SIMON PERRY

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