Not quite as inspiring as Rocky, but close

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 18, 2015 07:00 AM

It’s nice how we get better at things the more we do them, isn’t it?

That’s the impetus behind the “Expert in a Year” video that shows Sam Priestley attempting to up his table tennis game over the course of 2014 by playing every day with trainer Ben Larcombe.

We know what you’re thinking: “Of all the inspiring videos out there, you picked a guy improving his table tennis game?” Well, yes, yes we did.

And we dare you to not feel just a little better about life’s rich tapestry of possibilities watching Priestley go from novice to competence through the course of this clip.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that get us through life, whether it’s small improvements in our table tennis game or climbing a mountain. Whatever you’re working on in life, let Priestley’s journey inspire you to push a little harder.