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October 09, 2008 12:30 PM

According to T.I., the presidential race is a subject fit for a king.

Or at least King magazine’s politically-themed November issue, for which he served as guest editor.

“When I’m speaking to young people and they say, ‘Who you voting for?’ I say, ‘Well, what you think’s wrong with the country?,” says the rapper, 28, in a roundtable discussion. “What problems do you need to be fixed? OK, then cut your PlayStation off and turn to CNN and listen to these people.”

“Listen to each of the candidates’ platforms, and whoever you think is speaking passionately and intelligently and will do the things you think need changed, that’s who you vote for,” he adds.

Riffs on President Bush

T.I. didn’t just keep his political passion to one section of the magazine. In another segment, he penned a fantasy collaboration with T-Pain, which included riffs on mistakes the rapper believes President Bush made in his two terms.

Reagan Gomez-Preston, T.I.’s costar in his latest video Whatever You Like, graces the issue’s election-themed cover.

Other magazine guest editors from the music world have included Bono, who oversaw an Africa-themed issue of Vanity Fair in 2007, and Hilary Duff, who was the cover girl and guest-editor of Seventeen in 2006.

Yet T.I. projects nothing but confidence about the endeavor. “It’s only right that King would indeed have a king as editor in chief,” he said in a statement. “I guess this is, indeed, my magazine. Understand that. … Keep it pimpin’.”

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