Swayze's 'Dirty Dancing' Costar Wants to Hug Him

Jennifer Grey says "If I saw him, I'd throw my arms around him and love him up"

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty;

Patrick Swayze’s costar in the movie that put him on the map would like to find him.

“It is so sad,” Jennifer Grey, 47, who appeared with Swayze, 55, in 1987’s Dirty Dancing, said of the actor’s cancer diagnosis, reports Britain’s Telegraph.

“If I saw him on the streets today, I’d throw my arms around him and love him up,” says the actress.

Grey’s comment follows that of Swayze’s 1990 Ghost costar, Whoopi Goldberg, who said on Thursday‘s edition of The View that she owes her Oscar for that movie to Swayze, who insisted she be cast in the role (as a fast-talking medium who channels his love to his widow, played by Demi Moore).

“We want you to feel better and we will talk soon, I hope,” Goldberg, 52, said on TV.

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