By Jeanne Darst
Updated December 20, 2001 02:47 PM

Someone got their freak on with R&B diva Missy Elliott’s car. An employee of Century Inc., a company hired to transport Elliott’s $311,000 Lambourghini Diablo from California to her home in Virginia Beach, has been arrested for allegedly stealing the car and crashing it, causing $161,000 worth of damage, according to The car was stolen Oct. 9 from Century Inc. It was later discovered alongside a road in Henrico County, Va., but no suspects were picked up near the scene. More than two months later, company dispatcher Joseph Thomas Johnson was arrested for reckless driving, hit and run, grand larceny and driving while being a habitual offender, in connection with the theft and crash, after police found some personal items in the car they believe belong to him, reports. Johnson is being held in a Henrico County Jail until his hearing on Jan. 22. His employers were aware of an earlier drunk driving conviction from 1992, and his habitual offender status. No words or lyrics from Elliott yet.