Eva Amurri Martino Shares First Baby Photos

Eva Amurri Martino talks about being a first-time mom

Photo: Regine Mahaux/Getty

Eva Amurri Martino wanted three things to help bring her first child into the world: no drugs, a home birth, and her husband and mom by her side.

When daughter Marlowe Mae Martino was born Aug. 9, she got them all.

“I just felt so lucky to have the kind of delivery that I wanted and that there were no complications,” says the actress, 29, who lives in Los Angeles with husband Kyle Martino, 33, an NBC Sports analyst and former soccer star.

But the birth didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Eva went into labor 11 days before her due date.

She immediately called her mom, Oscar winner Susan Sarandon, 67 (Eva’s father is Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri), who was in New York City and had not planned to make the trip to L.A. for another week or so.

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