Susan Sarandon: The Nation Mourned My Split from Tim Robbins

After decades, their union ended last year, but Sarandon and her ex are still bonded by parenthood

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty

Susan Sarandon wasn’t the only one upset by her split from longtime love Tim Robbins last year – legions of fans were also thrown by the announcement.

“The nation mourned,” Sarandon tells New York magazine. “I had a lot of people who came up to me and were not as upset as I was – but were definitely upset. I did feel a sense of responsibility, because I knew that people had a certain idea of how I was and who we were But on your deathbed, it’s not really going to matter how those people felt.”

Despite the split with the 51-year-old Robbins after their 23 years together, the actress, 63, says she is still sorting out their relationship in her head.

“Shyeah! Yeah,” she says when asked if she is still “in flux” after the breakup. “What I figured out is that the only mistake you can make is to think of your relationship to yourself or your work or your partner or your kids as something that becomes something. And then stays there. You have to see all of those relationships as a breathing thing. We’re still parenting, although it’s different when they’re 18.”

While Sarandon doesn’t address the persistent rumors that she’s dating Jonathan Bricklin, 33, her partner in the New York City ping-pong bar SPiN, he is quite willing to deny a romantic relationship.

“No,” he says flatly to questions of whether the two are dating. “No, no. But we spend a lot of time together – a lot of time.”

Sarandon isn t entirely sanguine about the tabloid reports, and points out that when the rumors first surfaced “it wasn’t so great, because he had a girlfriend at the time.”

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