See the posts that got the strongest reaction from readers over the past seven days

By Tim Nudd
Updated December 05, 2014 05:00 PM
Credit: Jason Bell

She was a late bloomer in music – and in love.

PEOPLE’s story about Susan Boyle finding her first boyfriend at age 53 was brought an outpouring of love from readers this week. But it was just one of many stories that earned an emotional response.

Below, check out the five stories that got the strongest reactions on this week. And let us know what you think of every story by clicking on the icons at the bottom.

It’s never too late for love. The Scottish singer has her first boyfriend at age 53, it was revealed this week – an American doctor she met in a hotel during her recent tour. Hear what Boyle herself has to say – and won’t say – about her new beau.

In the most shocking story of the week, Shia LaBeouf claimed he was raped during his February art show called #IAMSORRY in Los Angeles. The actor described the incident in some detail, and says it was particularly traumatizing because it was Valentine’s Day and his girlfriend was waiting outside to see him.

A little over the top for a Sweet Sixteen party? PEOPLE readers thought so as they read about the soiree Lil Wayne three for his daughter Reginae Carter. The birthday girl changed outfits at least five times throughout the evening, but it was the gifts that really had readers seeing red.

The saddest story of the week came from North Carolina, where a man named Jeffrey Leonard learned there had been a serious car accident near his home, and frantically texted and called his son to make sure he wasn’t involved. The second time he called, a police officer answered Jeffrey’s son Jonathan’s cell phone at the site of the crash. And the news was heartbreaking.

And now for the comic relief: A woman and her 70-lb. emotional support pig were kicked off a U.S. Airways flight in Connecticut this week after the animal started to cause a scene aboard the aircraft. The passenger surely wasn’t laughing, but many readers were.

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