The singer tells PEOPLE how her life has changed – and how it's stayed the same

By Monica Rizzo
Updated December 13, 2009 09:00 AM
Joel Anderson/TV Guide Network/AP

What a year it’s been for Susan Boyle! The Scottish singing sensation’s debut album I Dreamed a Dream is at the top the Billboard charts for the second week in a row. On Sunday (8 p.m. EST), the TV Guide Network will air I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story. The one-hour special features performances with Boyle and the West End cast of Les Miserables and singer Elaine Paige. PEOPLE caught up with Boyle to talk about her life-changing year, her upcoming TV special and how fame has affected her cat Pebbles!

What’s it like having your own television special?
It’s a very humbling experience. I loved every second of it. I finally feel like the dream is a reality. When the show was made I can honestly say that it was the best two days of my life. The producer, Nigel Hall, made me a beautiful show.

What do you do when you get stressed out from your hectic life?
I go home to Scotland. I take time out. I see my friends and family. I shop in the local shops. I always say that I take baby steps anyway so that I can handle each step as it comes along.

What do you miss about your former way of life before this all happened?
I still have my former life. I still live in the same house. My life hasn’t changed. I travel more. I see places I never thought I would see. There is nothing I miss because I have everything I had before – it’s just a little more interesting now.

How long do you think you’ll stay in the music business?
I don’t want this to stop! But we shall see. I don’t like to look too far ahead. Just take in the moment and enjoy it.

Have you met any American celebrities who are fans of yours?
I met Donny Osmond. He was very nice. We talked about how important it was to stay grounded. He bought me some purple roses and they were very beautiful.

What have you splurged on?
I have bought a few things for my house – a red couch and some cushions. It’s important to keep your house looking nice and it is great to be able to buy these things.

What’s the best perk of being famous?
I do like getting made up. When I have my hair done and my makeup and then put on one of my performance dresses, I do feel the part. And that feels good.

Has fame gone to Pebbles’s head?
Pebbles is blissfully unaware of everything that is going on. She lives with a very lovely lady while I am away working and she is thriving. I visit her when I can and I can travel knowing that she is in safe hands and being pampered.

What would you say to all the Susan Boyles out there?
To anyone who has a dream I say follow that dream. You are never too old. It is never too late. And dreams can become a reality.