Her brother says she's "absolutely fine" and at a London apartment after four days in a mental health center

By Simon Perry
Updated June 05, 2009 09:30 AM
Andrew Milligan/PA/AP

Four days after checking herself into a London mental health center, Susan Boyle was well enough to leave, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The Scottish singing sensation, who went into the Priory Hospital Sunday evening after suffering from exhaustion, left the facility Thursday night. Insiders say she is being looked after by family and friends – and her brother confirmed the news telling PEOPLE that he hopes to speak to her late Friday.

“As far as I can tell she is absolutely fine,” Gerry Boyle says. “I believe she is with the musical people at a flat in central London. The conversation has now moved on from the Priory to talk about her musical career. She is feeling much better.”

Max Clifford, a rep for Britain’s Got Talent figurehead Simon Cowell, also discussed her release. “She came out yesterday evening. She is going to be having discussions about her career. But they are going to see how she is and get her feeling for the way forward,” he said, adding, “But it is all very gently, gently.”

Clifford could not confirm reports that Cowell, whose record label Syco will likely sign Boyle if she wants to record an album, had offered her a chance to stay at his home in Barbados. But Cowell has been in contact with Boyle, 48, since she entered the Priory’s north London hospital.

Promises to Keep

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul is adamant that Cowell keep his word and get Boyle a record deal. “If he doesn’t live up to his promise and make sure she gets a record deal and has a great chance … I’ll kill him!” she told PEOPLE after the Cinema Society New York Screening of Hangover Thursday. “He’s got a girl sitting next to him that will nail him.”

And, when not threatening Cowell, Abdul remarked that Boyle’s first performance brought her to tears, saying, “She’s astonishing in her own way.”

But why does she think Boyle cracked? “If you could only imagine to have someone plucked out of the blue, who has a magnificent talent, the whole world gets to know her through YouTube,” said Abdul. “The pressure becomes overwhelming. When everyone touts you to win, and you’ve never experienced that before, it’s overwhelming.”

But, “She’s fabulous, and she’s going to be fine,” concluded Abdul.

With reporting by JEFFREY SLONIM