The Scottish YouTube sensation continues her style transformation with a dye job
Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA/AP

Not content with tweaking her frumpy wardrobe, overnight success Susan Boyle took her style evolution a step further Thursday.

A few days after she was pictured in a brightly-colored print dress and black, looks-like-leather jacket, Boyle, 48, made a trip to the beauty parlor, spending a reported $50 to color her mop of graying hair a chestnut brown.

British newspapers reveled in her visit to the Miss Toner salon in Whitburn, near her home in Blackburn, Scotland. The Daily Mirror reports she has “tamed her wild woolly gray hair,” plucked her eyebrows and gone from “frumpy to funky.”

Meanwhile, new video has emerged of Boyle performing a song from Jesus Christ Superstar at a family party more than 20 years ago.

Boyle’s new look – she also reportedly had a facial – may raise eyebrows among the Britain’s Got Talent judges, including actress Amanda Holden who said she hopes Boyle would remain as she is.

Holden told PEOPLE, “Whether she knows it or not, she is standing for the average person in the street. I am sure she will comb her hair and have a bit of [lipstick] on. But she won’t be going under the knife or anything like that!”

Like Boyle, Holden has gotten a stateside boost from the excitement surrounding Boyle’s original appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, which has been viewed by millions via YouTube. Holden she is scheduled to co-host CBS’s The Early Show on June 1.

Despite British press reports that producers of Britain’s Got Talent have been annoyed by Boyle’s attempts to update her look, a spokeswoman for the show tells PEOPLE, “Susan’s a grown woman and can do what she likes with her hair.”

And the response from Miss Toner, the salon that received the distinguished visitor? A very showbiz “no comment.”