Gender alliances hold on as the Vanuatu woman narrow the man-quotient to one

By Todd Peterson
Updated November 19, 2004 09:00 AM

And then there was one.

That was all that remained of the men’s team Thursday night on Survivor: Vanuatu, after the women of the recently unified tribe Alinta held strong and voted out Chad Crittenden, one of the final two male players in the game.

As the show began, Chad and Chris, the other remaining player from the men’s side, looked like they might get a reprieve when Scout approached them and said that she was ready to side with them and get rid of Eliza.

Chris tried to curry favor with the women by telling them he had also voted for Sarge at the previous night’s Tribal Council, sending the former military man to the jury.

At the Reward Challenge, Chris, Chad, Eliza and Ami handily won their obstacle challenge, and were rewarded with an overnight trip to a nearby village, where they drank a potent local potable named “kava,” which left Chad in a self-described “kava-induced stupor.”

Back at Alinta’s camp, a rainstorm soaked the remaining women’s spirits, and it seemed that Eliza was on her way out.

Prior to the Immunity Challenge, Chris observed: “You question a woman’s character, you question a woman’s ability – she’ll snap your neck. You open up your heart, show a woman you’re vulnerable, and then they start thinking with their heart.”

But in the quest for immunity – which required one player to outlast the others by hanging onto a post planted in the ground – Chad barely lost to Twila in a prescient collapse. Despite some last-minute negotiations between Scout and Twila, by the time Tribal Council rolled around, the women fell in lockstep and all voted to oust Chad.