The sheep farmer gets the gate, while sister Yasur members contemplate a maggot meal

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated September 24, 2004 09:00 AM

It was “goodbye, Dolly” on Thursday night’s episode of CBS’s Survivor: Vanuatu, with Dolly Neely, the 25-year-old sheep farmer from Mercer, Pa., getting the boot after a swing vote by Yasur tribe members who seemed to fear Dolly’s gaining control over them.

The decision to send her packing was 5-4.

The episode also showed the Lopevi tribe freezing and lacking sleep, as well as in need of potable water which was to be disinfected by boiling.

“We know exactly that if we don’t get water soon, we’re going to be hurting. These girls are going to kick our tails,” observed Travis Sampson, 33, a loss prevention-specialist from Tennessee.

Only no matter how much friction the male tribe members tried to get going, there never were sparks for a fire. In the end, rain washed away their good intentions.

As for the Yasur women, their problem was hunger, which looked to be solved by a proposed banana stew. Only snag: the plantains were infested with maggots – which suddenly propelled Survivor into the realm of Fear Factor.

Snapped Twila Tanner, 41, a highway-repair specialist from Missouri: “If it comes down to eating maggots, I’m gonna eat maggots. Protein.”