'Survivor' Site Confusion

Fans of “Survivor” who seek out the show’s Web site by logging on to http://www.survivor.com don’t get to the site they’re looking for (the official site is found at http://www.cbs.com). But those running the survivor.com site are taking advantage of the confusion and even poking fun of the show. Conrad Walton, owner of Walton Communications, writes on the site that he works with Survivor Software and was unaware of the existence of the hit TV show until he noticed they were getting a lot more visitors. Wilson then included a link to redirect fans to the CBS site but now he’s also linking to a site that parodies the series about contestants competing on a desert island for a million-dollar prize. “I considered putting up a page with ‘Gilligan’s Island’ photos,” he writes. He also considered putting up “a form to enter your credit card number and pay $5.00 to go to the original site. It’s all very bizarre.”

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