By Mark Dagostino
Updated April 20, 2005 05:00 PM

It was just for the sweet taste of a couple of donuts, but Texas hairstylist Coby Archa’s decision to give up his immunity on the last Survivor: Palau wound up costing him a shot at the $1 million prize. In a 7-2 vote, he became the 10th Survivor to be kicked off the island this season, and the first member of the nine-person jury who will choose the show’s big winner. Coby, 32, recently talked to PEOPLE about his sweet tooth, being “bitchy” and saying no to Hollywood.

So, were those donuts worth it?
The million-dollar donuts – they were worth it because I hadn’t had anything sweet to eat the whole time we were out there, and I have a raging sweet tooth.

Are you happy with the way you came across on the show?
Bitchy, bitter and all – I was that way. By the end, I was over it. You could see in my eyes, I looked crazy!

What was the first thing you did once you were out of the game?
First thing was have a big pizza. The second thing was shave! I looked like a wildebeest – I was horrified the first time I saw myself in the mirror.

I think viewers forget that you don’t have any mirrors out there …
It’s all the little things, I mean, even the shower hurt. You don’t think about that kind of stuff. You have sores all over your body, so soap and hot water hurts.

In the beginning, you had this big conversation with Angie about being outsiders. Why didn’t you pick her for your tribe?
Why did I stab her in the back and twist that knife? At the time I thought being outsiders made us both targets, and our two targets together would’ve made us a bigger target. Do I wish I hadn’t done that? Of course. She turned out to be an asset to her team and would’ve been an asset to our team, but at the time, I thought it was the right decision.

Ultimately, what’s the lesson here? Is life just like high school forever?
It is totally high school forever – especially in Survivor. I was hoping I could be better at high school the second time around, and I was wrong. I’m just not good at a popularity contest, and that’s okay.

So do you have dreams of Hollywood now?
Well, dreams are a dime a dozen and there’s a lot of reality TV people. I’m not going to move to L.A. and chase that dream. I’m pretty satisfied with my life.

What do you plan to do next?
My only plan now is to enjoy my family, because you can’t really go back to a normal life after something like this, and it really made me appreciate my family.