And now there are five. A tired, hungry and very wet Amber Brkich, 22, was forced out of the game on Thursday night’s “Survivor: The Australian Outback.” She became the 11th casualty on the show. The vote against Brkich was 4-2. (Kentucky schoolteacher Rodger Bingham received the other two votes.) Those remaining are Colby, Keith, Tina, Elisabeth and Rodger. As for anticipating Amber’s expulsion, “I was wrong,” last year’s $1 million winner, Richard Hatch, said on Friday’s “Early Show.” “Third time out of 11,” he conceded. The booting of Brkich, an administrative assistant from Beaver, Pa., was somewhat expected, although some “Survivor” experts were banking on Colby’s being shown the door (he ended up winning the immunity challenge). “I was relieved to get out of there,” Brkich admitted on Friday’s “Early Show.” Of her Outback environment, she said, “It was just awful.”

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