July 21, 1998 12:00 AM

Come later this year, when CBS’s second “Survivor” series begins taping in its secret location in the Australian Outback, there might not be rats to barbecue like there were in Series I. That’s not necessarily good news, PEOPLE magazine reports in its Oct. 9 issue. Possibly, there won’t be much to eat at all. Frogs, birds, lizards and even that ol’ Jed Clampett favorite, possum, are legally protected as native species in the rugged region that will serve as the new series’ setting. (Episodes will begin airing following next year’s Super Bowl in January.) As for what there is around, naturalist Martyn Robinson of Sydney’s Australian Museum tells PEOPLE there’s that ol’ Crocodile Dundee favorite . . . yep, crocs themselves. “And venomous snakes,” he says. Perhaps contestants should consider packing rats.

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