Hard-working Rodger “Kentucky Joe” Bingham, 53, became the 12th member of the tribe to be shown the gate on Thursday’s edition of “Survivor: The Australian Outback.” The industrial arts teacher said before the vote that he would prefer to get the shove himself rather than have it go to 23-year-old Elisabeth Filarski, with whom he’d developed a father-daughter relationship. “I think about her almost as much as I think about my own family,” Bingham said. He also pointed out that Elisabeth needs the prize money more than he does because of her cancer-surviving mom’s outstanding medical bills. So Elisabeth remains, along with Tina Wesson, 40; Keith Famie, 41; and Colby Donaldson, 27, a custom car designer from Dallas who won the show’s immunity challenge for the third week running. Said Donaldson, “The biggest problem I now have at tribal council is who do I want sitting next to me when it comes down to just two of us.”

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