September 26, 2001 11:23 AM

Their names and ages are out. And, well, they aren’t necessarily the same assortment of body beautifuls who served as eye candy in the last go-round. But to get right to the point, the 16 contestants on the third version of CBS’ popular reality-based series, to be called “Survivor: Africa,” were announced by the network on Tuesday. They are: Clarence Black, 24, a high school basketball coach from Michigan; Jessie Camacho, 27, a deputy sheriff from Florida; Teresa Cooper, 42, a flight attendant from Georgia; Silas Gaither, 23, a bartender from Tennessee; Frank Garrison, 43, a telephone technician from New York; Kelly Goldsmith, 22, a behavioral research analyst from California; Kim Johnson, 57, a retired school teacher from New York; Diane Ogden, 42, a mail carrier from Nebraska; Kim Powers, 29, a freelance marketer from Pennsylvania; Brandon Quinton, 25, a bartender from Texas; Lindsey Richter, 27, an advertising account executive from Oregon; Linda Spencer, 44, a career counselor from Massachusetts; Lex van den Berghe, 38, a marketing manager from California; and Ethan Zohn, 27, a professional soccer player from Massachusetts. The series, on which one of these plucky souls will walk away with $1 million, premieres on Thursday, Oct. 11.

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