June 21, 2004 03:00 PM

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday from the family of a guest who nine years ago was murdered after he admitted on TV’s Jenny Jones Show that he had a crush on another man.

The family of Scott Amedure won a $29.3 million award against the talk show and Warner Bros. TV (which, like PEOPLE, is part of Time Warner), but the decision was later thrown out when a Michigan appeals court ruled against the family last year.

In an appeal to the Supreme Court, the family claimed that Michigan judges were biased and should have disqualified themselves from the case.

The lawsuit stemmed from Amedure’s 1995 murder, three days after he appeared on the show with Jonathan Schmitz. During the taping of the show in Chicago (the program never aired), Amedure revealed his attraction to Schmitz – who is now serving a 25- to 50-year prison sentence for second-degree murder, following what was, at the time, a sensational trial.

When the nearly $30-million verdict was handed down against her show in 1999, Jones told Dateline NBC that her program was not to blame.

“Of course I did soul-searching,” said Jones, now 58. “Of course, after this happened we went back. I thought back about the show, and we all, you know, we all talked about it. We then and now still feel we did nothing wrong … I think it’s not fair to blame the show for the actions of someone. That happened three days after they left the show.”

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