Keep an eye our for super-werewolves

By Alex Heigl
Updated July 13, 2014 12:00 PM
Credit: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters/Landov

Truly, 2014 is the Summer of the Supermoon. Skywatchers everywhere will be blessed with three instances of the phenomenon, the first instance of which occurred Saturday.

Social media was abuzz with pics of the beautiful moon, and how could it not be? Aside from presumably creating super-powerful werewolves, the supermoon creates some seriously beautiful photo ops. Check out some of our favorites below.

We’ll allow NASA to explain the supermoon, because when asked, we’ve simply been chalking it up to witchcraft.

“Supermoon is a situation when the moon is slightly closer to Earth in its orbit than on average, and this effect is most noticeable when it occurs at the same time as a full moon. So, the moon may seem bigger although the difference in its distance from Earth is only a few percent at such times.”

Again, witchcraft. The next supermoons will take to the skies on August 10 and September 9.

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