East Tennessee Children's Hospital

"Our kids loved it almost as much as our staff," East Tennessee Children's Hospital said

July 27, 2015 04:40 PM

For a little while on Friday, dozens of sick children forgot they were in the hospital.

Window washers dressed up as Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America and Catwoman as they cleaned the windows at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, while the patients and their families watched from inside.

“I think it’s a great idea because my daughter’s been in the hospital for a couple of days, and been in and out, and it was something to make her happy and excited and something different than staying in a hospital bed all day,” mother Kyla Rollins told WVLT.

The superheroes also posed for pictures with the children and signed autographs.

“It makes me so happy! It’s been a rough couple of weeks with recovery for my daughter, and so just to see a smile on her face means the world to me,” Rollins said.

Window Washers dressed as superheroes at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital
East Tennessee Children's Hospital

“We do this for the children. It’s all about the children, to make them laugh and smile. It’s just all worth it,” someone from Sky Clean Window Washers told WBIR.

“To be in this room with them and when they turn around to see me and they smile, it’s awesome, window washer Ernest Euleufel told WATE.

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But the heroes didn’t stop there. The children also took pictures with them inside.

The event was so successful that Sky Clean Window Washers hopes to come back next year.

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