Brought to you from the same YouTube-based pranksters who gave us "Devil Baby Attack" last year

New Yorkers are pretty jaded, but watching a meter maid lift up a taxi will get a reaction out of anyone.

That’s the lesson we’ve learned in the new clip from YouTube pranksters “Did That Just Happen” – they’re the ones who brought us that terrifying “Devil Baby Attack” clip last year. This new one is called, fittingly, “The Super Strong Meter Maid.”

“Jenni” plays a meter maid in the Big Apple being put upon by a rude cab driver. The cab, meanwhile, has been rigged to make it look like Jenni’s able to lift its front end up with her bare hands. While it lacks the “uncanny terror” aspect of “Devil Baby Attack,” “Super Strong Meter Maid” definitely engenders similar reactions from passersby. The clip’s picked up nearly 240,000 views as of this writing, so even if Did That Just Happen is only on track to produce one clip a year, they’re doing a pretty solid job so far.