17 Things to Do on Super Bowl Sunday That Have Nothing to Do with Football

Don't worry, there's life outside of the big game

Photo: Bill Records/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

If you’re prone to wearing anything other than a football jersey on game day and still haven’t streamed Friday Night Lights on Netflix because you’re convinced that attempting to grasp on-field strategies will cause a brain aneurysm, then you might just have an allergy to Super Bowl Sunday.

Yes, it’s a real thing that a handful of Americans bravely endure each year, the trade-off being catching a few funny commercials and digging in to some queso dip. In honor of the courageous spirit of non-football fans, we came up with a list of activities guaranteed to keep you occupied while your football-loving friends and family fawn over every player.

Your Super Bowl Sunday To-Do List (If You’re Not Into Super Bowl Sunday)

1. Try to trump everyone else’s Super Bowl Snapchat game with your own barrage of onesie and zit cream-clad selfies. #nofilter

2. Scroll through Spencer Pratt’s Twitter, realize you have so much in common with him (not sarcasm), feel nauseous.

3. Peek photos of the players, shirtless – nothing beats a super-cute guy. Except for a basket of puppies (for that, tune into the Puppy Bowl).

4. Rent some puppies for two hours.

5. Scoop up as many nachos and chicken wings as you possibly can from a nearby party – then go back home, cuddle with your goodies and stream Homeland.

6. Practice your faux singing by lip-synching along to old-school Mariah Carey in front of your mirror. Hairbrush (a.k.a. your trusty microphone) is encouraged.

7. Spend approximately two hours attempting to recreate one of Lauren Conrad’s many flawless Instagram snapshots.

8. If you’re in a particularly nostalgic mood, relive the first and only season of Pretty Wild, which will most likely have you leaving your BFFs hysterical voicemails.

9. Venture out to Brooklyn, New York, for those trippy looking rainbow bagels everyone keeps talking about.

10. Splurge on that fancy restaurant you’ve had bookmarked on Yelp forever.

11. Give Soylent cocktails a try – because life is too short not to mix the nutrient-rich meal replacement drink with your White Russian.

12. Order cute beauty subscription boxes from Birchbox to gift your best girlfriends on Galentine’s Day.

13. Find your next dinner recipe on Tender (it’s Tinder for food!).

14. Step outside of your comfort zone and try out one or two of these out-of-the-box workouts, like naked yoga or karaoke spinning class.

15. Repeatedly ask yourself whenever confronted with tasks throughout the day: WWKJD – What Would Kylie Jenner Do?

16. So much sleep.

17. Daydream about dating and eventually marrying Oscar Isaac.

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