Don't worry, Seal's involved

Credit: NFL

Okay, so bear with us: Apparently, “data suggests nine months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births.” (This is according to the NFL.)

Those resultant boom babies are termed “Super Bowl Babies,” and the NFL has gathered a bunch of them from different generations in different cities to sing a parody song about the phenomenon.

Oh, and it’s set to the tune of “Kiss from a Rose.”

Oh, and Seal’s involved. He’s singing from a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Still with us? Good. Because as kind-of weird as it is to make a bunch of kids sing a song that’s ostensibly about their parents conceiving them – and whatever added layer of weirdness is slathered on top of it by making it soundtracked to “Kiss from a Rose” – it’s really hard to look away from this video.

Heck, the game itself is gonna be kind of a letdown after this.