The NFL is donating the time for the cause

By Diana Pearl
Updated February 05, 2016 04:00 PM

For the second year in a row, an important message about domestic violence will air in between the Super Bowl beer commercials, celebrity cameos and tear-jerking family montages.

Just like it did in 2015, No More, a campaign that focuses on domestic violence and sexual assault awareness, is joining the pack of Super Bowl ads to try and educate viewers about how to help victims.

The ad follows a text exchange between two friends with the sounds of a Super Bowl party buzzing in the background. A girl sends a few photos from said party to her friend, Jess, telling her that she should swing by and join in. Jess responds, “Don’t think it’s a good idea” because “Jake is in one of his moods. I probably shouldn’t go out.”

Her friend asks Jess if everything is okay, to which a typing bubble appears – but the message goes unanswered.

It ends with a call to action: “There are many signs of domestic violence and sexual assault. Learn how to help. Text ‘No more’ to 94543.” Texting the number will get you a number of messages meant to teach people about signs of abuse and how they can help.

“This PSA captures how most young people – and many others – use texting to communicate and how sometimes saying a little says a lot,” Virginia Witt, director of No More, said in a press release. “Learning more can empower people to have potentially lifesaving conversations and reach out for help. We hope this will be one more step toward the culture change we are seeking around domestic violence and sexual assault.”

The spot is set to air during the third quarter of the big game. And unlike the other advertisements, which can cost as much as $5 million for 30 seconds, the time for No More’s spot was donated by the NFL.

The NFL has come under fire for its handling of domestic violence, particularly in the case of running back Ray Rice, who was caught on video in 2014 punching his then-fiancée.