It's hot Broncos vs. hot Panthers – and we are all winners

By Lydia Price
Updated February 03, 2016 01:55 PM
Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images

The game of the year? Multimillion-dollar commercials? A star-studded halftime show? As epic as they’ll be, none of these things are what we’re most excited about for Super Bowl 50.

We’ve cleared our Sunday night schedule for one reason and one reason only: hotties with football bodies.

As the above video proves, both teams have quite the stacked roster when it comes to hunks. From the Denver Broncos’ swoon-worthy backup quarterback Brock Osweiler to Carolina Panthers QB (and fancy pants lover) Cam Newton, there’s going to be an array of eye candy at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday.

Seriously, do you think Demaryius Thomas has Valentine’s Day plans yet? Because we’re totally available.

We might not know who will earn the championship title this weekend, but we’re certain that we’ll all walk away winners from spending three-plus hours staring at these gentlemen. (Another inevitability: We’ll be consuming a gratuitous amount of processed meat and cheese-based dips.)

Super Bowl 50 airs at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday on CBS.