'Summer of Sam' Exposed

Spike Lee’s leading man in “Summer of Sam,” John Leguizamo (who plays a character named Vinny), wasn’t cool with some of what his director had him do in the movie. As Leguizamo told PEOPLE’s Jason Lynch about the flick’s love scenes, “Being a man, your excitement shows — or doesn’t show. Either way, if you get aroused, you get upset. If you don’t, you get upset.” Leguizamo brought his girlfriend to the New York premiere this week. “I had to close her eyes every time (a love scene came onscreen). Look over there, close your eyes. ‘La la la la la!!'” He did cover certain body parts in some of the scenes, he (ahem) reveals. “I wore a pouch in one of them, but some of them, you couldn’t wear pouches,” he says. “But I had in my contract, no frontal nudity.”

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