By Maria Yagoda
June 27, 2016 05:00 PM
Everett Collection

Sandy and Danny aren’t the only ones who’ve shared a whirlwind summer romance.

Here are 13 stories of summer romances – the good, the bad, the ugly – that happened so faaaast.

“Her name was Amanda, and we were both 11. We shared a 4th of July together – the fireworks were amazing. I held hands with a girl for the first time as the sunset and had my first kiss.”


“I dated a guy the summer after graduating high school. He was a little younger than me. I was his first girlfriend, which I felt sort of weird about. Once the summer ended, we ended things because I wanted to be able to see other people while at college. I think he was mad at me for awhile, but 11-years-later, I would hope he’d be over it.”

“It was on my way to space camp in the summer after 7th grade – she was my bus buddy. Things got pretty serious once I asked her out at the science museum. Then the trip ended, and we went home. I never broke up with her, so technically I’m still with her. Best girlfriend I’ve ever had. Sometimes we still don’t talk.”


“I used to work at a backpacker’s hostel in Amsterdam, and a lot of cute guys around my age (I was 21) stayed there. We’d hook up for a few days while they were there, and then their stay would end, and it would be onto the next.”

“Mine wasn’t supposed to be a summer fling, but it ended up being one due to him wanting to end things. That one crushed me.”


“We met during a summer college program and got along really well as friends. We texted nonstop once it ended, found out we both liked each other, but realized the distance was hard – about 2.5 hours. We talked about meeting halfway in the city, to go ice skating or walk through the park, and so many times I really thought it was going to happen. It never did, unfortunately.”

“I met a bartender, and we hit it off right away. Hello summer fling! I live in a beach town so we went to the beach at least three times a week. We would drink beer, play frisbee, lay out, play in the water, BBQ on the roof while watching the sunset. I honestly felt like I was living in a movie. We didn’t have an end date ever planned, but when we got back into the swing of work, we just kind of parted ways.”


“10-years-old at Myrtle Beach, I met Jimmy, and we made sand castles together. We became pen pals (this was in the eighties), and he’d send me presents: a stuffed heart that played music, earrings, drawings. Eventually, the letters faded away but I saved them for a long time.”

“I met a girl on July 4th while on a cruise in the Caribbean. We ended up dating for a little over a year-and-a-half, after about 5 months of calling and Skyping each other everyday following our return from vacation.”

“After finishing my junior year of high school, I went to meet up with my brother at a house he was renting to film a movie. As soon as I walked in I saw her, she was doing dishes, and I was too shy to look her in the eye. During production, we grew closer as friends, and eventually the movie was finished. There was a celebration following the completion and that’s when it truly started. I had drank and smoked a bit and happened to be sitting on the couch when she came in and laid down on my lap. I couldn’t resist; she was so beautiful and serene the way she was laying. I kissed her, and she kissed me, and this is when our relationship began. Ten years later, we’re still dating.”


“The summer after graduating high school, I dated one of my friend’s moms. His dad was a doctor, so he was usually gone at night. His mom was a sweetheart. We’d all go watch a movie or something at his place. The thing is, his mom started to join us. We’d have all the lights off, and some of us would be on the couch, some in chairs, etc. I noticed that she sat by me more often than not. It slowly progressed to subtle touches, maybe she’d move her feet and they’d gently touch my leg – enough to be innocent. For a few weeks this went on, and I always shrugged it off, until the touching progressed to the point where I couldn’t deny her intentions were sexual. Eventually her foot or hand made its way to my pants. I should have ended it here. I beat myself up for a long time for the choices I made that summer. Being a 19-year-old male, you can probably guess what happened.”


“I was coming off of a few months traveling in Africa and Europe and one of the last legs of my journey was Budapest. I was solo and expected to do a lot of sightseeing, but I was exhausted and wanted to spend my first night there relaxing in the hostel. I went out on the balcony for a smoke (I know, gross habit-kicking it) and saw someone already had the same idea. It was one of the only times I have experienced this, but it was an instant, visceral, full body attraction. We talked for a while, and he was just about perfect: intelligent, considerate, funny. We walked around the city with a few beers until late and ended up sitting on a dock where we could see the lights flickering on the water and boats floating. When we went back to the hostel we cuddled and kissed and told each other secrets. He left me early in the morning (to catch his bus home to Germany) with a very sweet letter.”


“While traveling solo in Greece I met a guy from Israel. I was on that specific island for about a week, as was he. After some flirting, we kept running into each other. We shared a first kiss late at night in the most romantic place near the beach. After that, we spent most of the remaining time together. I hope to visit Israel and see him again then.”

All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.