May 19, 2015 11:45 AM

The Suitsy is, as you might imagine from its name, a men’s business suit that functions like a pajama onesie. A crowdfunding campaign led to its inception last fall, and a writer named Greg Ferenstein recently took to the streets of San Francisco for a week wearing one, just to see if people could tell the difference. (They could not.)

“For four days I barely took the Suitsy off,” Ferenstein wrote, “and never wanted to.” (He even slept in it at one point.) In a poll he conducted online using side-by-side photos of his regular suit and the Suitsy, Ferenstein notes that while most people did say the regular suit looked better, the Suitsy was preferred by 20 percent of respondents, so there’s at least one in five people out there who actively prefer the look of a man clad in glorified pajamas.

Betabrand, the Silicon Valley clothing start-up responsible for the Suitsy, has also offered pants designed specifically for a bike commute and a hoodie with business-suit-esque stripes (inspired by Mark Zuckerberg).

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