June 05, 1998 12:00 AM

The size-16 set is getting stylish, reports the New York Observer — though it’s not just fashionable larger-sized women who are snapping up the latest threads by designers like Tommy Hilfiger (who this fall will expands his Tommy Hilfiger Woman line to include sizes 14 to 22) — the boys who like to dress like girls are about to reap the benefits, too. “Men have those thick manly wrists and that barreled-out rib cage,” Lady Bunny, age unreported, a New York drag queen performer, told the weekly paper, which reports that, in the past, the city’s transvestites had to rely on custom dressmakers for their outfits. “You can get (clothes) all over the place now!” marvels a delighted Lady Bunny. To prove it, the Observer even said the merchandise at the tony Saks Fifth Avenue will work, and quoted a sales associate who said that her cross-dressing shoppers come in two categories: liberated and clandestine. “It’s definitely getting easier,” Sultana, a 40 DD drag queen and belly dancer in Greenwich Village clubs, said about shopping. Not that the guys have a total lock on the large-size rack. At a recent runway show, the Observer illustrates in a photo, Liv Tyler’s sister, Mia, modeled a very fashionable plus-size designer dud.

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