November 10, 2013 04:20 PM

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen took the A-list audience at Saturday’s Brittania awards through a variety of emotions when he took the stage at the Beverly Hilton to accept the Charlie Chaplin award.

There to present him with his award from BAFTA-LA was a wheelchair-bound woman identified as 87-year-old Grace Collington, Charlie Chaplin’s oldest living co-star. The crowd applauded warmly as she presented the actor with one of the silent film legend’s canes. And then they laughed as Cohen imitated Chaplin’s funny walk.

But seconds later there were gasps of horror as he tripped and knocked the elderly actress off the stage and onto the ground.

The shock was soon replaced by loud laughter as the woman continued to lie motionless on the floor as Cohen made his acceptance speech, and the crowd realized it was all a prank.

“Grace Collington is the oldest, sorry, was the oldest I dedicate my award to her. It’s obviously a tragedy, but on the bright side what a great way to go. She’ll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam section,” he said as she was carried out of the room, according to Deadline. “Anyway, tonight is not about her, it’s about me.”

The Brittania Awards will air Sunday night on BBC America at 9/8c.

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