After learning their teacher was diagnosed with cancer, students made a touching video to lift her spirits

By Harriet Sokmensuer
June 08, 2015 05:25 PM

You’re gonna hear them roar!

The students and faculty at Governor Mifflin High School in Shillington, Pennsylvania, have taken on Katy Perry’s hit song to show support for their P.E. teacher, Amy Hatlee, who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

With “Roar” playing in the background, 1,200 students and faculty members can be seen dancing through the halls in the fun and energetic video. But the message behind their efforts is a serious one.

When students learned of Hatlee’s cancer diagnosis, they immediately began working on a way to help inspire their beloved teacher.

“It was devastating, my world turned upside down in the blink of an eye,” Hatlee told FOX29 of her diagnosis.

Mary Cochran, a close friend and fellow teacher, said: “We just started sending emails, getting ideas and asking the students, ‘What can we do for her?’ ”

The end result is an inspiring video that showcases the overwhelming amount of love and support for the P.E. teacher, who is also an alumnus of the Berks County high school.

Hatlee recently earned the Teacher as Hero award, as well as $50,000 for her school and students.

And after years of inspiring students, Hatlee is the one feeling inspired now as she completes chemotherapy treatments and prepares for her upcoming surgery.

“It s like I have a boat load of angels surrounding me, lifting me up through this and carrying me through,” she told the local news outlet.