Sammy Lamar is graduating June 4, after one amazing prom

Sammy Lamar is graduating from Altoona, Pennsylvania’s Penn Cambria High School in pretty good shape.

After 16 years in the school district, the 21-year-old (who is a student with special at the school) is graduating as prom king – and he attended his final dance at the school with not one, but 37 dates.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or a senior. Everyone knows Sam,” student Abby Harvey told NBC affiliate WJAC6.

Senior Karingtin Sklodowski arranged the invitation, after asking Sammy’s teacher for approval. One by one, the number of prospective dates snowballed, and eventually, they sent a group letter to Sammy’s mother Diane, for permission.

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“For us to get that from them, that letter inviting him, just proves to us how much they included him,” Diane told WJAC6. “[It shows] how much they like him and how much he’s a part of their group and that makes us feel very good. This wonderful group of girls who did this for Sammy was just amazing and so kind.”

Sammy, who showed up with his dates, wearing sunglasses, was crowned prom king on Saturday and will graduate on June 4.

“It’s very heartwarming to be able to have him here with us,” Sklowdowski told WJAC6. “He should have the moment that all seniors get to have and seeing him in his tux and how nice he looks, his sunglasses and his smile It just makes senior prom.”