College Student Recreates Her Mom's European Vacation Photos – 30 Years Later

The journalism student says that the project strengthened her relationship with her mother

Photo: Courtesy Lydia Coutre

Lydia Coutré went into her 2012 trip to Florence, Italy, with a very unique mission.

The college student, who was studying abroad through Kent State University, aimed to recreate the slide photos her mother took on a 1982 trip to the same place.

“My mom thought it was a great idea, and she and my dad got me a digital slide converter for Christmas that year,” Courté told Mashable. “I spent my winter break painstakingly copying her slides onto my computer one by one.”

Coutré told the outlet that the months she spent diligently tracking down the locations where her mom took the pictures, which she had shown her on a projector as a kid, helped strengthen their relationship.

“My mom and I are already really close, but the project definitely gave me a glimpse of her travels and some perspective on what’s changed – and what hasn’t,” she says.

The journalism student shared the results of her journey on her blog, where her dozens of time-hopping photographs tell the story of a city’s three-decade-long journey.

The student recreated her mom’s pose at the Piazzale Michelangelo first by herself, and then alongside the original subject when her mom came to visit.

“This is one of the coolest pictures I’ve gotten to do. I think in 30 years I’ll send my child (or perhaps niece/nephew) to Florence, then go visit them and start making a tradition out of it,” Coutré wrote on her blog. “I’m so glad my mom got to come back here. It gives me hope that I will one day too.”

The same busy shoppers can be seen around the Fountain of Neptune 30 years later.

One of Italy’s most iconic sites, the Colosseum, remains unchanged.

And Coutré didn’t miss the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“My Italian semester will always be with me I can see it became a part of me without me realizing it. Italy is what allowed me to be my own rock,” she wrote of her experience.

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