Former “ER” star Sherry Stringfield finds her old show too gruesome to watch these days. “The first time I saw it after I left I was like, ‘This show is horrible. There’s blood everywhere, people are dying.’ I had no clue it was that painful to watch,” she admits in the new issue of TV Guide. Stringfield says she will not do any guest shots on the show, because its producers prevented her from doing TV for the remainder of her contract, which hadn’t expired when she left. “It did bug me,” she says. “They thought I was going to make them look bad by getting my own show.” Stringfield, who married science writer Larry Joseph last October, says she has no regrets about leaving the hit NBC show. “It was such a great experience,” she says. “(But) all I did was work, and when I wasn’t working, I was running desperately to catch up.”