Streisand Tops Queen

Competing for attention Down Under are Queen Elizabeth, who is on an official visit, and Barbra Streisand, who recently wound up concert gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. The Sydney Sun-Herald reports that each tour is costing about $6 million, but that “the Queen is hopelessly outclassed. While Her Majesty’s usual royal visit entourage numbers about 28, La Streisand’s includes 100 technicians, artistic advisers and personal attendants.” In other news of Streisand, a bed she once slept in at the recently closed Mansions Hotel in San Francisco was reportedly auctioned off over the weekend for $33,000. Also in the tag sale (the hotel, which was said to be haunted, closed last week) were a hand-painted piano once played by Liberace and a typewriter said to have been used by author Jack London to write “The Call of the Wild.”

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