August 06, 1998 12:00 AM

And who will play Auntie Mame on TV? Not Barbra Streisand, who is co-producing the still-gestating ABC version of the smash 1966 Broadway musical “Mame,” which originally starred Angela Lansbury (before it was made into a very sorry 1974 movie with Lucille Ball). Though it was said that Streisand was considering the title role herself, she is definitely out of the running, the show’s composer Jerry Herman (who also wrote “Hello, Dolly!,” the 1969 movie with Streisand) tells today’s New York Post. And who might play the blue-blooded, eccentric relative in the movie set to air next May? “I think Cher is the best idea since sliced bread,” says Herman. “I pray every night that she’ll say ‘yes.’ ” As for why Streisand won’t be taking the lead, the music man tells the Post, “First of all, nobody fires Barbra Streisand.” He said she simply needs a breather after her duties at last week’s Democratic Convention. And, besides, “her priorities are somewhere else.”

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