This year's ceremony had it all – presidential announcements, James Van Der Beek's crying face, Hailee Steinfeld, Taylor Swift jokes and so, so much more

By Maria Yagoda
September 18, 2015 12:35 AM

If you didn’t watch Thursday night’s Streamy Awards, you goofed. You goofed hard.

But don’t worry – we’re here with all the crazy, emotional, hilarious, praise-hands-worthy moments from this year’s awards ceremony, which honored the best of online video.

1. When Hailee Steinfeld nailed her performance of ‘Love Myself.’


We didn’t expect to have this many feels this early in the evening, but here we are.

2. When it became very apparent that Paula Abdul and Frankie Grande are, like, really good friends.

We didn’t know they were in the same squad … but we want in. And while we’re asking for things we want – Grande’s dance moves.


3. When Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig were perfect.

From their opening monologue to their sketches between segments, Oakley and Helbig nailed the whole hosting thing, achieving the perfect balance of sarcasm, humor and jokes about Taylor Swift.

Highlight: Oakley asking Helbig for Taylor Swift’s squad’s wifi password. (Because Helbig is technically in the squad now, if you didn’t know.)

4. When James Van Der Beek gave the gift of James Van Der Beek crying face.

The guy is the definition of a good sport.

5. When Gigi Gorgeous accepted her beauty award – and gave us all sorts of emotions.

The YouTube sensation (and LGBT advocate) told fans who’ve told her she’s the light at the end of her tunnel – “you’re the light at the end of mine. Stay gorgeous.”

6. When ‘WhatsUpMoms’ taught the world how to make a pregnancy announcement

7. When Lilly Singh thanked her parents after she won a first person Streamy.

Kevin Winter/Getty

“I have to thank my parents, who let me not be a doctor,” she said in a heartfelt speech. “And huge shout-outs to Google and YouTube for not being scared to put a brown girl on a billboard.”

8. Omi’s performance. Omi in general.


Song of the summer on fleek.

9. When fouseyTUBE – a.k.a. Yousef Erakat – announced he’s running for president in 2020 at the end of his acceptance speech.

“What up, Kanye.”

10. When Flula gave maybe the strangest acceptance speech of all time, and it was perfect.

Kevin Winter/Getty

“Hello, what has happened? I feel like a panda bear who is playing hockey with other humans. This is a mistake, but I will take it in a happy way.”

11. When Sir Mix-a-Lot finished off the show with ‘Baby Got Back.’

I mean, of course.