Strawberry's New Jam

Beleaguered New York Yankee outfielder Darryl Strawberry, 38, was arrested yesterday near his home in Tampa, Fla., charged with driving while impaired, leaving the scene of an accident and violating parole. The suspended slugger allegedly blacked out at the wheel of his car while under the influence of a powerful sleeping pill. Police said Strawberry was driving to see his probation officer at 9 a.m. when he bashed his sports utility vehicle into a street sign and then rear-ended a car. An off-duty officer happened to witness the crash, from which Strawberry allegedly tried to escape by driving away. Hillsborough County Sgt. Anthony Kolka then reportedly drew his gun and ordered Strawberry to stop. The fate of the ballplayer, who has been battling cancer, is now back in the hands of Judge Florence Foster, who was already overseeing his case after he was charged last year with cocaine possession and soliciting a prostitute.

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