Downey uses super dad powers to comfort boy who wanted to see Iron Man, not actor

By Andrea Billups
June 16, 2013 01:15 PM
Courtesy Heather Denno

Blame it on the costuming.

When Iron Man super-fan Jaxson Denno discovered he was not meeting the super hero, but rather the actor who portrayed him, the 1½-year-old was super sad.

But our readers were touched as Iron Man 3 star Robert Downey Jr. met up with the child and tried to stem Jaxson’s disappointment in meeting the actor, and not the fantasy man in the suit. See the story here.

Downey, 48, was visiting Sunderland and Shelburne Falls, two towns in Massachusetts, this week to shoot his latest film, The Judge, and was not wearing his Iron Man suit when he met up with Jaxson and his mother.

Not to worry. Downey, the father of two sons, including 15-month-old Exton, knew just what to do. He turned on his super dad powers and knelt down to comfort the boy who was crying in his stroller over the mix-up.

Soon it was all better, thanks to Downey’s sweet concern, Jaxson’s mother Heather Denno told PEOPLE.

“He was fine as soon as he talked to him,” she said, adding that her little fan boy “was so confused because I kept telling him it was Iron Man and he knew it wasn’t.”