"Just because we're incarcerated doesn't mean we're bad people," Jon Fowler said
Credit: KPTV

With Christopher Dorner’s manhunt currently dominating the news, it was a sigh of relief to read that inmates rescued three brothers from drowning.

Readers loved the story about Nelson Pettis, 37, Larry Bohn, 29, and Jon Fowler, 29, who were finishing up some community service near their Yacolt, Wash., corrections facility, and heard children’s screams from a nearby creek.

Realizing the kids’ canoe had capsized, dumping the boys into the cold, 25-mph current, the inmates leapt into the water and rescued them.

The men took off their shirts to wrap up the shivering boys, all of whom were taken to the hospital for mild hypothermia.

Just because we’re incarcerated doesn’t mean we’re bad people,” Fowler told reporters. “We made some bad choices in our lives, but we’re still just like everybody else.”

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