17 People Share Their Best 'I Got Stood Up' Stories

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Getting stood up for a date or an appointment isn’t always so awful; often, the person who bailed on you isn’t meant to be in your life anyway. (Also there’s always pizza to comfort you.)

Here are 17 stories from Reddit of people who got stood up and, in some cases, found a silver lining.

1. “I was supposed to meet my friend at a nightclub, and he didn’t show up. I was upset, but figured I had already paid the cover to get in, so I might as well stay for a while. A guy I struck up a random conversation with introduced me to his friend, and we really hit it off well. We talked, danced and drank together for the rest of the night. I got her number, and we went on a few dates afterwards. We have since been together for 10 years, married for 6 of them, and just had our first, wonderful baby boy last year.”


2. “I planned coffee with a guy and showed up at the coffee shop and bought two coffees. After half an hour, the barista realized that I had gotten stood up, so she gave me back my $3 and offered me a muffin.”

3. “I got stood up and decided to go to a local electronics store and buy something to cheer myself up. Turned out they were having a free raffle that day. I won a free PlayStation 3!”


4. “When I was in high school, I had planned a movie date with this girl I liked. So I arrived early at the movie theater, bought a pair of tickets and waited. When the movie started, I called her to see if she was coming but I kept getting her voicemail. As I’m about to give up and watch the movie alone, her mom shows up knowing her daughter just stood me up. We watch the movie together, she pays me back for the tickets and we part ways. My day went from sad, to sad and uncomfortable.”

5. “Sitting in a lounge on a weekday in the afternoon, I was meeting a potential employee, so I told the server: ‘There will be one more. She should be here shortly.’ I waited for half an hour after when she should have met me and thought, ‘Oh well, I’ll eat anyway.’ I had a few beers, read the paper and went up to pay when the server told me it was on the house. I thanked her, and she said, ‘We’re not all like that; I wouldn’t have ditched you.’ At first I was just thinking that she was meaning she wouldn’t have missed the interview, but about an hour later it all clicked, and I had to punch a bear to gain back my man card.”


6. “It was Valentine’s Day in college. I spent 6 hours tying to get ahold of my girlfriend. Her RA said she was in her room. The RA let me in the dorm, and I knocked on her door. Three minutes later, a man in a cowboy hat answered. I delivered $100 of gifts right onto her messy bed, said f––– you and left. The RA takes me to her room where we talk about it. I then hooked up with the RA.”

7. “Back in 1981, Eric Clapton came out of seclusion and played some small venues, including Viking Hall in Bristol, Tennessee. I invited a girl and bought tickets, but she blew me off with no notice. I still have the unused ticket.”


8. “A girl ditched me to watch The Jersey Shore.”

9. “I got stood up for a dinner date. I tried calling her, but couldn’t get through. I called her home, and her mom told me that she left the house an hour ago. I was really worried and didn’t know what to do, so I just kept waiting for two hours – I was young and naive. However, it turned out that there was a massive subway problem, and she was stuck in a tunnel for almost two hours. She eventually showed up, and we had dinner!”


10. “My friend stood me up for dinner, so I was sitting at a table all by myself. A really cute guy in the bar right across from the table came over and started a conversation with me. We ended up dating for a bit, but it really did not go anywhere. The fact that being stood up led to a date with a cute guy was pretty cool, though.”

11. “I got stood up and went and bought a vibrator instead.”


12. “I was supposed to go on a date with someone I met online. She never showed up and I found out later that she died in a car accident.”

13. “The first time I got stood up was the first time I got drunk. In high school, my sister had invited some friends over for drinking since my parents were away, and I planned on going out with a guy that I’d had a huge crush on for a long time. He never showed. My sister’s friends took pity on me and fed me alcohol. Later it also became the first time that I projectile vomited.”


14. “I got stood up by a girl who was supposed to have called me. I got pissed off and grabbed a friend to hit up some bars and pool halls. I ran into a girl I knew who dated a different friend. She was with another girl. Me and that girl will be married for seven years this summer.”

15. “When I got stood up twice by the same guy in one month last year, not only did I realize he doesn’t deserve me, but my mom took me out for pizza and ice cream both times!”


16. “I had someone stand me up after I was already at the roller derby venue. My date couldn’t find parking, had a panic attack and left. He then deleted his online dating profile and never spoke to me again.”

17. “A girl once stood me up, and I confronted her on it. Her response? ‘Sorry for not arriving, but on my way there, I ran into another friend and decided I’d rather go out with him.'”

Posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.

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