Stones to Keep Rolling

The Rolling Stones are set to boogie until they are 90, their biographer forecast Thursday. British musician and TV host Jools Holland has captured the thoughts, words and deeds of the wrinkly rockers for “Life on The Road,” a glossy new biography about one of the world’s longest-lasting rock groups. “They remind us all why we are alive,” Holland said of the 35-year-old group. Holland co-wrote the book with Dora Lowenstein, daughter of the Stones’s business manager, Prince Rupert Lowenstein. So why are the Stones motivated to keep on rocking? “It’s not like they need the money,” said Holland. “It is the pleasure of doing it.”

  • In related news, Bianca Jagger is reportedly so miffed at the New Yorker magazine over an unflattering story that she’s threatening to sue. The piece in the magazine’s Talk of the Town section called the former Mrs. Jagger “the Rodney Dangerfield” of philanthropists — sincere, but not always well-informed. MSNBC says Jagger wrote to the magazine and called the story defamatory. She said the writer took “the misogynist view that a woman’s work cannot be judged on its own merit.”
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