Stone Gathers No Moss

Sharon Stone was on a roll last night after the New York premiere of her new movie, “Simpatico,” which also stars Nick Nolte and Jeff Bridges. As the three posed for photogs, Stone quipped, “Three tall blonds.” She then told PEOPLE about her upcoming projects: “I have ‘Picking Up the Pieces,’ which is a little part I did with Woody Allen, and an HBO special. Remember ‘If These Walls Could Talk,’ about abortion last year? Well, we’re doing (another show) this year on lesbianism. That’s coming out in three segments in March. Ellen DeGeneres and I are coupled in the last one, and Anne Heche wrote and directed it.” And as for New Year’s Eve, there are no Y2K fears at her house. “I’m staying home,” she said of her plans. “Above ground, with those I love.”

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