Sting's Millennium Blues

Celebration 2000, a Dec. 31 New York event that’s being billed as the “Party of the Century,” has been drastically downsized, according to a stunning announcement Tuesday. Andrea Bocelli, Aretha Franklin and Sting will still headline the high-profile extravaganza, but Enrique Iglesias and Chuck Berry have picked up their microphones and gone home. The status of other performers also appears to be up in the air. The event will move from the cavernous Javits Center to a smaller (and, as yet, unnamed) venue, and the $1,000 to $2,500 ticket charges have been slashed to $75 to $999. Current ticket holders will be refunded the difference. “This is a very big disappointment,” a concert spokesperson conceded. One major reason for the major turn of the event is that, according to recent surveys, most people would prefer to stay home New Year’s Eve.

  • One performer who hasn’t said die in the face of the New Year is the Artist Formerly known as Prince, who will party like it’s the end of 1999. He’ll appear in Rave Un2 the Year 2000, a pay-per-view TV event broadcast from his Paisley Park studio in Minneapolis and being called the “only Millennium Eve performance of 1999.”
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