The kindergartner asks the tough questions, like 'Why are you called Mr. Sting?'

By Michael Miller
December 17, 2014 05:00 PM

Sting‘s musical The Last Ship hit Broadway this fall, so it’s no surprise the rocker-turned-composer sat down for an interview with one of the hottest theater critics around – a kindergartner from Arlington, Virginia named Iain Armitage.

Armitage began reviewing plays at the age of six, after his mother took him to see Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan perform in Waiting for Godot.

Some 6-year-olds might consider sitting through a two-hour play a punishment, but Iain was mesmerized. He loved the show so much his mother encouraged him to post his thoughts to YouTube – and his videos have been going viral ever since.

The dapper youngster’s Internet success landed him a one-on-one with Sting, who wrote the original score for The Last Ship, which tells the story of the demise of the shipbuilding industry in the singer’s hometown of Wallsend on Tyne in northeast England. The 16-time Grammy Award winner is currently doing a run in the cast through Jan. 24.

Sting (or “Mr. Sting” as Armitage politely calls him) used to work as a schoolteacher, and is a natural interacting with the pint-sized interviewer. Armitage, dressed in a bowtie and vest, covers everything from Sting’s real name to his favorite book to what it’s like being a rockstar – and it’s all unbearably cute.